📄Tome.gg Protocols

The Tome.gg Protocols contains all of the learning systems and standards of the platform.

As of the moment, the protocols define three primary areas: Training, Formats, and Negotiations.


Tome.gg provides a definition for general training that is commonly observed in the industry. These are the practical drills or regular activities that apprentices perform to gain experience and advance in their mastery of a skill or craft.


Tome.gg defines formats or data structure that you can use in your growth data, to enable interoperability with other applications on the Tome.gg ecosystem.

Following a standard opens you to the the opportunity to earn from your growth data by licensing your growth data to companies, organizations, or research journals that desire the growth data you focus on.


Tome.gg expounds on various ethical negotiation tactics and strategies that mentors and apprentices have used in acquiring mentoring engagements and negotiating its terms.

Tome.gg promotes a healthy discussion of negotiation protocols that pursue a win-win setup for both mentor and apprentices.

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