Standard Mentorship

Taking on an apprenticeship with a mentor who has years of experience, skill, and expertise ahead of you.

The standard mentorship-apprenticeship model (Kenshusei) is different from peer-to-peer learning between journeymen. This can be further differentiated depending on the context, which enriches the parameters and expectations in the apprenticeship.

The following section defines certain expectations or parameters that mentors and apprentices might want to agree on before proceeding with mentorship/apprenticeship engagements.


Apprenticeships could vary in levels of formality.

  • Formal - Polite

  • Informal or Casual

  • Intimate


Flexibile? Rigid?


One-time? 3 months?

Level of supervision

  • Swapping roles; i.e. driving

  • Passive support: Waze

  • Q&A support (asynchronous)

Employment prospects

Geographic location

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