Growth Journal

Your Legendary Tome of Knowledge

A growth journal (growth report, or your legendary Tome of Knowledge) is a record of your personal learnings, challenges, and performance evaluations. This journal contains the rich details of your growth, which you can use as a way to unload and reload context when focusing on your training.


This journal contains your goals and objectives as well as your personal reflections and observations about yourself.

This growth journal contains the back and forth conversation between you and your mentor, as well as theories, mental models, and nightmare scenarios that your mentor might want to introduce to you.


This growth journal is collaboratively edited by you and your peers colleagues mentors teachers and juniors. Here, you receive 360 feedback from different perspectives. By writing on your growth journal, you have a way of externalizing your new learnings into a collaborative document.


Your role as an apprentice is to take the primary responsibility of writing this tome of knowledge. As the owner, you are responsible for grooming, polishing, editing, and maintaining the veracity of the data.

Format and Tooling

The format can be of any structure. You may use Google Docs if you prefer it, but utilizing the growth_report.yaml structure will enable you to leverage the publication tools available on

Commonly, the structure of a section in a growth report contains the following:

  1. Date and timestamp

  2. Your objectives (long term and short term)

  3. Your observations

  4. Feedback to apprentice (start doing, stop doing, continue doing)

  5. Feedback to mentor (start doing, stop doing, continue doing)

As you continue to have multiple sessions with your mentor, you will collaborate on writing your multiple sections.

An example of a growth journal is available here (published by

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